The event is for industry professionals and fashion lovers. It is a series of ethical and smart fashion literacy.

An event bringing together forward-thinking leaders and advocates of ethical fashion to discuss smart, and sustainable alternatives. Join us for inspiring conversations, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities. As there are More than 1000 onsite viewing and 10s out of 100 viewers across the UK, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America via the TV and social media platforms. About 10 emerging fashion designers will get a chance to stamp up their collections in the unique catwalk to perform excellently. An experience where fashion meets activism with a deeply conscious twist in the form of exhibition that offers a public affordable range of purchasing in every category of fashion, trends, and style, with jewelry, accessories, decoration, health, leisure, art, travel, food and homeware.

A tremendous business-focused fashion event for designers to sell their collections to walk-in clients. We will put forth a comprehensive social media, TV and fashion press before events. Many of the influencers and bloggers will convey the message of the Event to the massive new audience at the moment. A stumbling podium for mounted position to demonstrate the rising designers of the UK and other nations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The fashion industry is all concerned with creating bold, elegant and trendy statements. The word fashion involves differing from the crowd or declaring yourself in clothes and accessories. When fashion comes in, culture is an essential component of the picture. Culture and fashion go hand in hand. Our clothes are a way of expressing our personality, where we are, who we are, what we do, and so on. As culture has a significant influence on our lifestyle, particularly through modernization, art and technological innovation. As the old saying goes-” Rome wasn’t built in a day. “As such, clothing styles and fashions have fluxed. Eastern and Western cultures and lifestyles were formed and evolved over thousands of years. Much of the self-expression of both cultures include fashion, from unique occasions to daily costume.Through this, a  consecutive association will be accredited between UK designers and other community businesses. It is our surreal motto to praise the rising combination of Eastern and Western styles while displaying creative fashion expertise and opening up possibilities for international growth and business success. The eventual conclusion will establish a strong bond and secure popular local and international community, great signs of peace and harmony.

Running from show to show with all the necessities on hand the collection of couture, ready to wear, custom made by designers will be showcased.